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The Rising Co Story
by Julie Rais Ellis

3 Owners of The Rising Co.

Grant + I  emptied our retirement accounts + took out a loan from my brother to be able to purchase The Rising Co building with longtime friends, Rob + Jamie Riese and Steve and Cindy Blumkin. From September thru November 2019 we worked non-stop to transform a 1930’s Gas Station (formerly the Graeber & Son building) into a coastal community hub -
Located at 332 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside CA 92054.

The Rising Co.
Vision + Concept:

Beginning in 2013 I have been working alongside fellow designers in a co-op format.  What began as a 2 merchant operation in Del Mar, CA with Mr. B’s Necessities has organically formed wonderful format for operating a shop.

Over the years we grew to include more designers, we changed locations, we all started families, but what remained was the format. 
Out of the blue in Feb. 2019 we learned we would not be able to renew the lease in our shop located in South Oceanside.  It was then when we started looking at new locations.  We toured 15+ spaces in and around Oceanside.  

When we went to 332 South Coast Hwy, I could feel it in my bones that it was a special place.   An 1930’s building, a big parking lot, lots of outdoor space and a sweet little loft.  I was sold on the vibe and so we started the process of structuring a partnership.   

My partners and I all shared the vision for a modern day retail concept that celebrates local artists and designers.  We saw the importance of an excellent coffee experience being a critical part of the concept.   And because of the amount of outdoor space we have we felt that we could hold a variety of events throughout the year for our community. 

We worked with C3Bank to purchase the property, they are local and wonderful and also believed in our idea.  We came in and worked day and night to restore  1930's gem.  It was a very exciting experience, not without its ups and downs.  But ultimately the shared vision was strong enough that we persevered.   

We opened our doors:

The Rising Co officially opened on Dec.21st  2019!
Then closed in March 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. 
We fully re-opened again in June 2020!


The Rising Co. Features
12+ local designers,
Seasonal Residency 
Seaborne Coffee Company, 
Co-Work Desks in the Loft,
A range of free community events, 
And a variety workshops + outdoor classes.